Your social bucket list.

Makkaw is the social bucket list app that inspires and supports you to achieve your dreams. By connecting you with like minded goal seekers, it enables and challenges you to accomplish your goals, however large or small.

Alpha Coming Fall 2016

Your daily bucket list.

“We do not remember days,
we remember moments”

Cesare Pavese, Italian Poet

Makkaw's mission is to help you live your dreams. We believe in connecting the wisdom of like minded individuals to empower you reaching your goals, and share your journey along the way with your friends.



Discover your passions and set goals through thousands of ideas.

Get inspired.

Get connected.

Add goals to your bucket list and get connected with people who have done it before or those who are in the process of reaching the same goals.


Support each other.

Been there, done that? Share your experience and help others to get there like you!

Make it Personal.


Encourage your friends to live their dreams! Challenge their ambitions or support them with what you got!


Your journey.

Capture the meaningful moments, create a personalized profile, and show the world who you are with the journeys you have taken.

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